How Do the Four Laws of Money Mastery Fit in the Entrepreneur Mindset?

What are the “Four Laws of Money Mastery” and how do they fit into the entrepreneur mindset?

Well, you’re going to see what the Four Laws are, but first let’s pick up where we left off…

Did you catch the last few minutes of the video we sent you yesterday? How amazing was it that a self-made billionaire shared that the most important thing for you is that you MUST believe you can succeed?

What Changed the Course of Self-Made Billionaire Frank Giustra’s Destiny?

It was no surprise when Frank Giustra said one of the most powerful books he had ever read, one that changed the course of his destiny, was “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

If you’ve ever heard me talk, you already know that I love, Love, LOVE that book!

In fact, there is a technique in that book that I used to create a miraculous recovery from an illness – and I am forever grateful for what I learned from that entire experience…

That process opened up a higher level of understanding how much influence and authority you have over your own life. And that includes your health, finances, relationships…you name it!

There are Universal Laws that govern the way things work, and you need to know and apply those Laws in order to thrive. There is no big prize for being the biggest sufferer (really!)…

Today, here’s a quick overview of the Four Laws of Money Mastery. We’ve been going through this in detail during our “Self-Mastery & Personal Transformation” mentoring program.

Are you using the Four Laws of Money Mastery? Wherever you are at, by understanding these 4 Laws you can align with the natural flow, because money IS energy.

How Do the Four Laws of Money Mastery Fit in the Entrepreneur Mindset?Think of it like this…there is an electrical ‘current’ that flows throughout everything, and it is everywhere. It is no accident that you refer to money as ‘currency.’ It is, literally, symbolic of energy that has been exchanged.

The Four Laws are:

  • Earning
  • Saving
  • Spending
  • Growing

Like all energy, there is constant movement and it is a dynamic process — one you can easily align with when you know how.

What keeps most people stuck in ‘not enough’ is a sense that they are at the effect of the energy, rather than being in creation with it.

When you look around you, what do you see that you could have? The ‘limiters’ are self-imposed, and are not conditions of your ‘life.’

In order to change your experience, you MUST change how you relate to your Self. This is actually not difficult to do, and we’ve designed a simple, step-by-step process that allows you to recognize how you resist the natural abundant flow of energy that is infinitely abundant and always available to you.

And, we’ve made it SIMPLE to attain! In just 31 days you can see what happens when you put these principles into practice in YOUR life:

–> Get YOUR “Miracle Mindshift!

Justin Eckrich, Founder of www.JustinEckrich.comYesterday, Justin shared his results during our weekly “Mindshift” call — and they were nothing short of miraculous!
* a new laptop (a friend GAVE it to him)
* an iPhone 4 (a different friend GAVE it to him, after he had been hoping and praying for one)
* his BEST month in his business
* significantly higher quality clients
* an all-expense paid trip to a football game with club seats, airfare, hotel and a ‘backstage’ pass to meet the coach and players
* the EXACT amount of money he wrote on his office white board (not almost, but EXACT)
* and one more thing that he says is ‘the MOST important thing’ (he is fulfilling his life purpose!)

Imagine how you would feel if, in the course of less than a month, you received that much abundance?

Ready to clear the resistance you have been experiencing? Click HERE and see what others have to say about it! Take the “Miracle Mindshift” and get crazy-good stuff happening in YOUR life…starting NOW!

Live on Purpose…Change the World!

Gakina-awiiya (We Are All Related),

Terri Lynn TallTree


Terri Lynn TallTree

Founders of
Creators of the “Life Purpose Quest”

P.S. We are so certain that you are going to get results with this that, when you take action and begin your “Mindshift” today we’ll send you a special BONUS that up till now has been reserved ONLY for people in the “Self-Mastery” program. What is it? It’s a 2 hour audio program and detailed chart of The Four Laws of Money Mastery, with a complete training on how to apply them. And you will see how this is clearly represented in the Native American Medicine Wheel.

–> Get YOUR “Miracle Mindshift!

It is our way of saying “We BELIEVE in YOU…and want to see you succeed!” Take action now and you will see…”SHIFT Happens!”

“Teach us love, compassion and honor…that we may heal the Earth and heal each other.” – Ojibwe

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