Why Does Guy Kawasaki Recommend Artisanal Self Publishing?

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It seems “artisanal” is a new buzz word. Artisanal bread, ar tisanal salads –  and now artisanal publishing!

That’s what bestselling author Guy Kawasaki calls self publishing.His latest book, APE: Author, Publisher Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book is all about the power of independent publishing.

I’m a big fan of independent publishing as well! It’s what I suggest for the vast majority of my author mentoring students. Most of my books are self published, and I’m glad! Lots of freedom.

You get to be in charge. And that also means more work in many ways!

Here is an infographic he prepared for you about “Artisanal publishing”


Interesting story from APETheBook.com about how Kawasaki came to value ebook publishing:

In 2011 the publisher of Guy Kawasaki’s New York Times bestseller, Enchantment, could not fill an order for 500 ebook copies of the book. Because of this experience, Guy self-published his next book, What the Plus! and learned first-hand that self-publishing is a complex, confusing, and idiosyncratic process. As Steve Jobs said, “There must be a better way.”

With Shawn Welch, a tech wizard, Guy wrote APE to help people take control of their writing careers by publishing their books.

The thesis of APE is simple but powerful: When a self-publisher successfully fills three roles—author, publisher and entrepreneur—the potential benefits are greater than with traditional publishing.

Guy and Shawn call this “artisanal publishing.”

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Why Does Guy Kawasaki Recommend Artisanal Self Publishing?

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