The Day After…Earth Day?

For Native peoples, every day is Earth Day. According to our elders, we are here to help one another and take care of the Earth.

The Day After...Earth Day?

They say, “The Earth is our Mother…care for her.”

The teachings go like this…

Since the beginning of time, everything on the Earth has upheld it’s responsibility, given to it by the Creator…except for the two-leggeds (human beings). They have forgotten their place. We are here to help one another and take care of the Earth.

There are millions of species living here on this beautiful planet, yet only ONE is responsible for environmental polution…people.

Last week my dear friend Gina Gaudio-Graves asked me, “When you speak about Mother Earth, do you talk of other things besides healing?” I replied, “As Native Americans we have a deep and abiding love for her, and we simply cannot speak about the Earth without focusing on our responsibility to her healing. The need is imminent…”

I couldn’t help but be moved to tears as we talked about this…because it’s not a trend or a special once a year focus, but a lifestyle, a commitment to unity and peace, a love for the land and for all living beings who inhabit and share this place. For each of us, it is our home.

I was taught that, as a woman, it is my responsibility to pray for the water every day, to show and express our sincere appreciation and love for it. Water is the great healer, and without it our life would not be sustainable. There is a conscious awareness in water — it is a living entity and it responds to your thoughts and emotions.

Imagine what would happen if, every morning upon arising every woman on the planet stopped for a moment to express appreciation and gratitude for the water…

You have a personal relationship, and responsibility, with the Earth and all living beings. All men, women and children do – as do all other living beings. When you awaken fully into conscious awareness, you begin to experience the magic and wonder of living on purpose.

"Four Brothers" - A Native American Guide to Living on Purpose by Robert and Terri Lynn TallTree

You can become fully aware of your unique and intimate connection with Earth – Wind – Fire – Water. Not only are they a part of you, they each have awareness and are to be respected and acknowledged. This is one aspect of healing Mother Earth.

If you’d like to explore and deepen your personal relationship with the Four Elements, the “Four Brothers” video shows you how to connect on  a deeper level.


Make every day Earth Day. As our wise ones have said, “We do not own the Earth, we are borrowing from our children.”


Live on Purpose…Change the World!

Gakina-awiiya (We Are All Related),


Terri Lynn TallTree, CoFounder



Terri Lynn TallTree
Guide and Mentor to Self-Mastery and Personal Transformation


“Teach us love, compassion and honor…that we may heal the Earth and heal each other.” – Ojibwe





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The Day After…Earth Day?

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