Authors: How Can You Stand Out from the Crowd Add Bring The WOW Factor?

Author Mentor and Book marketing Coach reveals –  How Authors Can Bring the WOW Factor into Your Business during this FREE training.

You’re seeing it every day…communications are getting less and less personal overall.

And as an author, speaker, coach or any type of business owner, it’s harder and harder to get anyone to pay attention to your messages.

  • Email open rates are declining. (I hate email so I can relate!)
  • People are more and more distracted.
  • The personal touch is being replaced by automation: “Press 1 for checking, 2 for savings…”
  • People hardly ever send a real card or letter anymore.
  • People are so distracted they can’t seem to pay attention for more than 2.43 minutes.

So how are you to stand out in a crowded, noisy, over-communicated marketplace??

Join this free WOW Factor training and you’ll discover how to:

  • send personalized, heartfelt greetings (even with your own photos) for 1/5 the cost you would pay in a retail store.
  • stand out in the minds of potential promotion/joint venture partners and industry leaders without breaking the bank.
  • Send gifts as nice as those expensive catalogs for half or less of the price.
  • increase customer loyalty by reaching their mailbox.
  • turn your customers into evangelists
  • Even create and send personalized, real mailbox greetings and gifts that go out on a schedule to keep in touch with your best customers.

Join The WOW Factor call

  • When? Wednesday, May 8 at 3 PM Eastern Time
  • Where –  register below and get details instantly.


Here’s what one sales expert says about sending greetings

“I cannot overemphasize the value of the handwritten thank you note. I believe

it’s more important than ever, because so few people do it anymore.”

SHELLEY KAEHR, Ph.D. Author of Sales 101: Simple Solutions for Sales Success

photo showing example of greeting card templates from the SendOutCards greeting card service

Here are some examples of how you can use this greeting card service:

Greeting card templates make it EASY to send a personalized card, even including your own photos if you want –  for about a dollar.

screenshot showing example of greeting card templates from the SendOutCards greeting card service

Vision Cards

My friend Renee messaged me the moment she came back from the mailbox.

She could hardly believe her ears when the mail carrier came up, grinning, with a box and asked, “Are you the lovely and talented Renee?’”

That’s how I signed the label on the box of gourmet brownies I sent Renee along with her VISION CARD showing her goal..

Delicious gourmet brownies and the card using greeting card templates from

Vision Board

Vision Board for Ronda Del Boccio, the Story Lady

and, of course –  more!

Join free NOW and find out how to make all this work for YOU!


Follow your bliss

Ronda Del Boccio, the Story lady

bestselling author, author mentor and speaker

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Authors: How Can You Stand Out from the Crowd Add Bring The WOW Factor?

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