How Can Spirituality Help You Get Out of Debt?

Erika feels like she’s at the end of her rope…and who could blame her? Her financial situation is a mess and she needs help. This is what she wrote:

How Can Spirituality Help You Get Out of Debt?“So very tired of working so hard, and wondering where the money is. How does a person go about actually living their dreams when unable to meet their very basic needs?

“I always thought I knew my purpose – now giving up hope. It truly feels as though things are coming from the outside – not the inside.

I am giving from an empty cup, yet it will take a miracle for me to fill that cup – sooooooo many needs – yes needs, I can’t even think about wants right now……I’ve been through every “help” program on the planet.”

Can you relate? We can!

Some years ago it seemed that spirituality and money were like oil and water…that they’d never be together — no way, no how! And during that time of our lives, and for years before that…and before that…and before that — although we felt tremendously blessed and grounded in our spirituality, we always wondered HOW to make ends meet.

Is It ALWAYS Going To Be Like This?
There never seemed to be enough, and we were getting deeper and deeper in debt. The pressure was intense. We didn’t like the feeling, but we really didn’t know what to do about it!

Maybe you, like Erika, know the feeling, too: going to sleep worried about how you’re going to pay the bills. And waking up with the same anxiety in your gut and fear on your mind, feeling exhausted from the seeming futility of it.

It always seemed to be like this, and there was no way out…

We are reaching out to you with love and compassion for your suffering.

It is very powerful that you recognize that the SHIFT you long for cannot happen from the outside in. And yet, we live in a physical world, in a physical body, with tangible needs that must be met. How is this accomplished?

Is It Possible to Be Spiritual and Wealthy?
It is our spiritual responsibility and duty to invoke the energy of Heaven on Earth. This is done one mind, one heart at a time…and no one can do it for you, yet there are Guides and Masters who can show you the way.

All things that are experienced in the physical exist first as a thought. This is why our Elders teach us to be mindful, and to post a sentry (guard) at the doorway of our mind. Otherwise, the mind will take control and lead you into troubled waters.

TallTree always says, “The mind is a powerful servant, but a terrible master.”

Begin to Master Your Mind…
The “Miracle Mindshift” process is not just an external practice, but an internal one as well. The purpose is to provide a container for you to really hear your thoughts, and to consciously redirect them so they are in alignment with the experience you long for.

Like any behavior, whether it is learning a new language, playing a new instrument, or practicing martial arts…it takes consistency and practice to pay attention and consciously choose empowering thoughts. Eventually, you develop ‘muscle memory.’

At first, it feels a bit ridiculous…as if you are in denial and just lying to yourself. But, as you continue, this begins to shift.

Miracle Mindshift from Robert and Terri TallTree, Founders of

Albert Einstein said that in order to solve a problem, you cannot continue to look at it from the plane that it exists. Instead, he said you must rise to a higher level of understanding or perspective. This allows you to see it differently, and from this elevated place you can see solutions.

Having been in the pain that you are experiencing, I remember how frightened I felt…and how much I really wanted that constant struggle to STOP!

First a Thought of Remarkable Power Awakened Within Me…
One day, I reached the limit of what I could tolerate and decided that, no matter what, this HAD to change…”I” had to change, because I realized that if I continued doing what I’d always done, I would continue getting the same results.

I prayed for support, really humbled myself and set my ego aside. I felt truly powerless about this and knew I needed some kind of divine intervention because nothing I had tried had worked. I just felt so disconnected with financial freedom. I was so motivated to have a different feeling, a feeling of freedom from the fear and struggle and suffering, that something SHIFTED.

Then a Word…
Instead of saying “I can’t,” “I won’t,” or “I don’t want to,” I started being willing to look for ways that things I wouldn’t have considered might be a solution. And I became aware of the language I was using. I was no longer going to use my Power toward negativity. Instead, I paid attention and began affirming the positive things I believed in my Spirit.

Like what, you might be asking? Well, that this is an abundant Universe. And that Nature constantly mirrors abundance to us in all things. I mean, just take a look at the number of seeds in a fruit or vegetable. Crazy abundant! Or the number of seeds that were available and competing to make you…YOU! Did you know there were 400 million seeds of love, and only ONE survived? That’s YOU!

And Then I Took ACTION!
I was willing to do WHATEVER it takes. I started mapping out a plan for what we needed and how we might get there.

Suddenly, everything began to shift. It didn’t get resolved overnight, but the SHIFT happened…and in a relatively short time NOTHING looked the same again.

The first thing I did was pick up a book at a thrift store (it cost 25 cents) by a woman who desperately needed to turn her finances around. The book was titled, “The Financially Competent Woman” by Mary Hunt.

It reinforced things I had heard for years, but had never put into practice. This is what Mindshift is about…taking small, consistent daily action that is manageable. It appears way too easy, yet the energy of following through with clear intention can restore confidence and begin to lead you on a path toward Self-Mastery.

“For the FIRST time in my entire life, I feel financially abundant!”

Just last Tuesday on the Voyager Gold/Miracle Mindshift Call, Judy from Maine shared her story. When she began with Mindshift she did not have money for groceries. She was tired, frustrated and broke…and grieving the loss of her husband, Roland — the love of her life.

In just a few months, she now has more than enough money for her needs, money in savings, and money for ‘emergency’ situations that arise unexpectedly (like repairing her washing machine last week).

How do YOU get there?

  • Begin with baby steps, and as your inner resolve and confidence strengthens, you will increase in leaps and bounds
  • Surround yourself with people who uplift and inspire you. Come to the weekly Voyager Gold call, and drink in the energy that is there for YOU
  • Pay yourself FIRST — the powerful Law of 10% can change EVERYTHING and rewire your thinking from “not enough” to “MORE than enough” in less time than you could imagine, no matter HOW lost you feel right now

We will speak about this on this week’s call…

Much love and many blessings,

Terri TallTree, CoFounder of

Terri TallTree
CoCreator of the 31-Day Miracle Mindshift

“Teach us love, compassion and honor…that we may heal the Earth and heal each other.” – Ojibwe

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How Can Spirituality Help You Get Out of Debt?


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