How Can I Use Search Engine Optimizician For My Small Business?

Search Engine Optimizician 200x300 How Can I Use Search Engine Optimizician For My Small Business?Mandy was SICK and fed up with the results that she was getting from her search engine optimizician. “What am I doing wrong?” Mandy would ask herself every day.

Mandy was starting to really beat herself up over this search engine optimizician and it was getting her no where.

“You have got to STOP this, it is getting out of control.” Jessica finally said to Mandy. “You have got to stop beating your self up over this search engine optimizician and start to get someone who can really help you”. Jessica said

“I am not sure. I do not want to start to pay for help and get no where and fell like I am not getting results. That is a HUGE jump.” said Mandy. ”Search engine optimizician I can do by myself. No need to pay someone, I would just be loosing money.” Mandy stated.

“It is not loosing money if you have NO time to do anything else in your . How are you ever going to be successful if you never work on the “” part of this?” Jessica asked Mandy. “Try this…go and just subscribe to their feed and to their news letter. Get some info and that will not cost you a dime. However you NEED to invest in this business or you will never get anywhere.” Jessica said.

“they really made it easy for me, I LOVE easy! All you do is give them what you need done and it is like little magic faries come and do everything for you and you focus on the business part of your business. TRUST me…I am a tight wad but I know what is going to make me money.” Jessica said.

“OK, I will do it. I have nothing to loose. I am up to my eyeballs with this search engine optimizician and I fell like it is taking me FOREVER to get anything done!” Mandy said.

Do you ever feel like Mady?

Is is not that search engine optimizician is hard it is just VERY time consuming.

Are you wanting to get out of doing search engine optimizician and into ? If you are you need to go to and sign up for their newsletter. You can become like Jessica and have time to focus on the core of your business and how you want to build it. Or you can be like Mandy and just be consumed with search engine optimizician and not get anything else done.

It is your choice to make. I am not sure about you but I LOVE easy!!!!! CLICK HERE to go and subscribe to the newsletter.

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seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”  – Author Unknown

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How Can Search Engine Optimizician Stress You Out?

As the tears ran down Aimee’s face she tried not to burst out and just sob. “I feel like a failure! What is wrong with me?”  cried Aimee.

She coWoman crying being comforted 200x300 How Can Search Engine Optimizician Stress You Out?uld not figure out what had started this emotional cry. Aimee was on her lunch break at work and working on her other that she started. Lately Aimee had been working on search engine optimizician and she was getting results finally but today she hit “the wall”!

“Aimee, what is wrong?” asked Rachael.

As Aimee cried she said “I feel like I have been hiking on my trail and climbing the mountain and I was making good ground but I tripped and dropped all my precious gems. It feels like they flew out of my hands and went every where and I am just mad about it. I hit “the wall” Rachael.”

“Ohhhh. Aimee….do not . We will just start to pick up your gems and get a process to put them in your pocket. Just dust your self off and get up. I will help you!” Rachael said.

“Search engine optimizician can be a stressful process and we need to figure out how to help you distress to help you move forward.” Rachael said.

Do you ever feel like Aimee…You know you do!

Search engine optimizician can become stressful and there are two ways to kick that out.

Number ONE…Become Smart

Yes…Be smart, you hear it right!

Being smart means when you are working on getting search engine optimizician make it easy on your self.

Backlinks are a GREAT way to use . Using Google buzz or bookmarking is a GREAT way to get started and it is EASY!

“Aimee, my mom gave me this GREAT tool to use that really helped me calm down when Adrian would cry almost all through the night, you do remember that right. I would call you crying at 2 am because Adrian was crying and would not stop?” asked Rachael

“OH YEAH!” said Aimee. “Well my mom got the this CD called Echoes of the Heart and not only did it calm me but Adrian would sleep better when it was playing.” Rachael said “And I think it would help you get through the stressful times when you feel like you lost all you marbles.”

“I lost my gems Rachael, NOT marbles.” Aimee said.

“Oh yeah, Gems…RIGHT! Anyways my point is Aimee I think listening to Echoes of the Heart would bring you peace and help you focus on your work” Rachael said.

If you want peace and a little stress like Aimee you are going to HAVE to have Echoes of the Heart. It will help melt your stress away and help you focus on your next task at hand with your .

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“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”  – Author Unknown

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What Are You Doing To Improve SEO Blog Search Engine Optimizician?

What Are You Doing To Improve SEO Blog Search Engine Optimizician?


STOP right there! What are you doing at this very second?” Phillip yelled at his friend from down the hall. “I need to use your brain.”

“Ummmmm…My brain?” Brian asked, then Phillip replied “Yeah man, your brain”!

Brian walks over to Phillips desk at work and Phillip leans over and says in a quiet voice “Check out what I have started…it is freakin awesome!” “What is it?” Brian replied

“Well about 3 months ago I started my own on the side to kind of start to work my way outta here and I have been looking for how to improve and I finally figured it out.” Phillip told Brian

“And now you are speaking French to me.” said Brian

“Here is the deal, I have been on business advice for big businesses and how to keep their turnover rate down but productivity up with out breaking the bank. Well I started trying to figure out how to improve seo blog  and I keep felling like I have hit a brick wall. Finally I found 2 things that changed my life and I know one of them for SURE would help you out, the other is what is gonna really make my work take OFF!!!” Phillip told Brian.

happy business men 300x203 What Are You Doing To Improve SEO Blog Search Engine Optimizician?“OK, how about you tell me what is going to change my life then tell me what is about to change what you are working on.” said Brian

“Well starting this business I have been MAJOR overwhelmed and at times I feel like my brain hurts, I can not focus and I was getting overwhelmed, stresses and burned out taking on all of these projects . What I did was do a little research and I found an AMAZING program called the Keeping The Fire and found the key to unlock the door and kick out all that , overwhelm and .” Phillip said

“Really? Tell me more” Brian said.

“I know that working this J O B is stressful and then adding all the extra stresses of life right now like money is tight, food prices are going up and you mention it, it can be stressful and man was I felling it. So I took the plunge and bought the . Man my wife was sooooo pissed that I did it with out telling her but when she sat and watched the Keeping The Fire with me…she turned around and gave me the biggest kiss and said thank you. She said that she sees why I made the investment. For her and sanity staying home with the 3 kiddos and how it will help me balance my work and home life better.” Phillip said.

“Dude I am telling you, take the jump and just do it…you AND your family will be happy you did! My wife still tells me that when she starts to feel overwhelmed with the long list of to do’s and everything going on, she implements what she learned and finds her self watching that DVD over again to gain new ideas and understanding. I have watched it about 5 times and I STILL am getting new tips and tricks to help me not be stressed.” said Phillip.

“WOW…I wonder if Rochelle would like to watch that with me. I have been stressed out with the new Nelson Project and she is about to go crazy with our twin boys…hmmmmm…OK, were do I get it again and what is it called?” asked Brian

If you are like Phillip or Brian many things in life are overwhelming! not just life in work but life in general.

You know…Times are tight and you and your friends are felling it. Gas prices are up, food costs are up, the divorce rate is increasing and you are getting paid the same but with more on your plate.

You need to invest in you and your sanity. The Keeping The Fire is an investment into your health (mental and physical) and in to your life and how unlock the mystery to not letting stress,overwhelm and burnout take over your life.

You can go get this helpful tool NOW by Clicking HERE. The reviews are in and it is not something you want to continue to live with out!

“Hey Phillip….What about the other thing you were going to tell me about that you found that changed your life with this new business you were starting?” asked Brian

“Well it is called………….”

(To Be Continued…)

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“Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”  – Author Unknown

Keeping The Fire

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Are You Using Search Engine Optimizician?

Melanie was leaving a internet marketing weekend workshop with her business partner and they were discussing search engine optimizician.

During that weekend they learned a LOT about moving forward in their business but the workshop only touched on search engine optimizication and not on where to even begin.

“What is the best way to use SEO?” Melanie asked her business partner. They were both kind of at a loss as where to start and what really needed to happen.

If you are like Melanie and her business partner you are asking the same question.

search engine optimizician Where do I start?

That is a GREAT question. Start simple… Are you posting at least 5 days a week?

Well are you?

In order to generate traffic you need to be posting on your blog 5 times a week and be consistent with it.

Next you need to have kick a$$ keywords. You are going to get NO WHERE with bad keywords and that is a fact. Oh yes…you will get traffic but not the traffic you are REALLY looking for and your bounce rate will be high.

You want people to get to your site and stay around for a while.

Now that you have the first 2 steps the third is to submit your feed to at the minimum of 5 RSS directories a day, 5 days a week (yes…you heard it right…5 for 5 days a week).

Finding RSS directories is kinda of easy for a while but when you are posting for 90 days with that amount of places to submit your feed to you will have to start to do more digging. No lie, it might take you quite a while…but do not be discouraged, it will be worth your while.

If people subscribe to your RSS feed then that means EVERY time you put up a fresh post they will get it…yes auto magically!

How exciting…right!?

Those are 3 easy steps to get you started. Work with those and give your self a big pat on the back along with a happy dance.

Stay tuned and you will get more tips and tricks for search engine optimizician.

Happy Posting,

Megan Gasser (The SEO Powerhouse)

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